Table champêtre, Gourmet dinning room

The Table Champêtre dining room is located on the site of L'Éden Rouge vegetable farm and offers you a unique countryside experience.

With the idea of bringing products from the farmer’s fork to your fork, the chef Angèle-Ann Guimond creates menus bursting with fresh products and flavour. Her goal is to bring local products to the forefront and to prepare them in the simplest way possible in order not to alter their taste. During the gourmet events, the menu evolves with crops and market availability. With each visit, you will discover quality products and exquisite new dishes.

Sitting at the Table Champêtre of L'Éden Rouge, you will have a unique culinary experience in a warm, festive and laidback atmosphere. Good food, good wine and good company are the foundations of this unique dining room!

Opening hours


Gourmet events (need reservation)

May 13th and 14th 2023: 5 courses gourmet menu for Mother's day

June 17th and 18th 2023: 5 courses gourmet menu for Father's day

July 14th 2023: 5 to 7 gourmet and musical

July 29th 2023: 5 courses gourmet menu for summer

August 4th 2023 11AM to 1PM: Family fair

August 25th 2023: Gourmet workshop about sushis


Gourmets events (coming)


Gourmets events (coming soon)


Gourmet events
Every week-end (March 4th to April 30th 2023): Sugar shack 5 course gourmet