Our products

From fresh juicy tomatoes to tasty salsa, from crunchy cucumbers to sweet relish, our products are all delicious fresh or cooked!

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Fresh products

Starting point of the business, the vegetable production offers you a panoply of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer!

In the shop: From June to September come and shop for fresh products, ready-to-eat and regional products.

CreATive baskets: Subscribe to our weekly baskets to receive our fresh products from June to September. Fruits, vegetables, ready-to-eat, regional products, tips and tricks, here is a well-stocked basket!

In the grocery stores of the region: From mid-May to September, our tomatoes, cucumbers and various lettuces are enthroned on the displays of our regional grocery stores!

In the restaurants of the region: Our passionate chefs are concerned with the local influence and promote our fresh products on their plates throughout the summer period!


In order to offer you local products all year round, our team has developed the best salsa and relish recipe! Cooked from our own products, you will find flavors, freshness and originality in the same pot. Available year-round in regional grocery stores!

A wide variety of ready-to-eat products is also available in our online shop or during gourmet events. Cocktail syrup, hot sauce, pesto, sweet pickles, apple butter, meat pie, pie, salads and so on!